Wars in the World Today


600px3aToday’s wars kill and displace more people leading to the highest number of refugees ever. This project brings  awareness to the areas of conflict. Stabilizing the world’s most vulnerable areas should be a major, global foreign policy imperative — and not just a moral one, given that these regions often serve as a haven for terrorists and transnational criminals.

ManuellaManuella Bonomi is a Nigerian art student currently studying Communication Design at PrattMWP. She grew up in Nigeria and for most of her childhood, lived quite close to a local arts and crafts village. This enabled her to discover how much she loved art and design at an early age. Growing up in such a vibrant culture often inspires Manuella to create colorful, rich designs and patterns; her works usually reflect a variety of Western and African influences. Besides graphic design, Manuella is also passionate about painting, illustration and jewelry. She chooses to use what she learns from these different aspects to strengthen her overall work. Manuella believes that design is a strong platform that can inspire change, and aspires to create designs that can resonate deeply with people.


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