Peanut Allergies



Peanut allergies have become a serious problem in the Western world. As I was growing up, I often heard from my Asian parents how peanut allergies were unheard of when they were growing up, and how it was a Western affliction. Because of this, I became interested in finding out the reasons behind this disparity. With the help of my father, a biomedical researcher, I created this infographic to help spread awareness about the severity of Western peanut allergies.


headshotLinda Wang was born in Connecticut but has lived most of her life in New York State, currently residing in upstate NY as a student at PrattMWP. She is a Communications Design major with a concentration in Graphic Design. As a child, she enjoyed coming up with small stories and illustrating them. Although her interest in art petered out after she began focusing more on her academics, it was reawakened after discovering her father’s copy of the very first Adobe Photoshop Elements program on his computer. Ever since then, she has been looking for ways to combine her academic prowess with her artistic abilities.