Online Education



RileyDonahue_TruthBrain FREEZE: Online Education in the Real World
Online education is growing in popularity at an exponential rate. This project highlights the pros and cons of the debate surrounding the virtual classroom. Replacing traditional academic methods with new technologies while maintaining proper social exposure and human interaction is a significant challenge that should be critically examined to ensure that virtual students are prepared for the real world.


With a handful of drawings and a beat up ’76 Subaru coupe—Old Riley Artworks was born in Vancouver, Washington. From drawing every insect dug up in the backyard to doodling skulls and snakes in church, Riley Andrew Donahue spent his early years mastering his craft and discovering his artistic voice, while maintaining an equally heavy interest in music. Inspired by his mother, an art teacher and the president of one of Vancouver’s top art galleries, and his father, a highly decorated marine and nationally ranked swimmer, Riley learned that hard work was the key to his dreams. Old Riley Artworks has been featured in 18 exhibitions with several national honors along the way. Despite his title, Old Riley is just a teenager taking his first steps into the art world as a creative soldier, armed and ready to speak to the world.