Mental Illness




During the last ten years the percentage of people with mental issues has increased significantly. It is a serious social problem, especially for young who are enrolled in college or university. My TRUTH project is inspired by my personal experience. I have struggled with my mental health since childhood and when I started college it only got worse until I decided to talk about it and reach out for help. My project brings awareness to people who are strugglingwith their mental health and hopefully it will encourage them to talk about it.

Alejandro_BioPicAlejandro Alvarez is a Dominican designer and photographer, currently attending PrattMWP in Utica, NY. Although he is concentrating in graphic design he also enjoys and is working on photography, illustration and screen-printing. Coming from the Dominican Republic and having Spanish heritage gives him a bigger understanding on different cultures, which helps him be a better problem-solver and work with a more diverse audience with their own ideas and beliefs. Alejandro was introduced from a really young age to the world of design, thanks to his grandfather, one of the most recognized advertisers in the Dominican Republic.