Hard Facts – Measuring Up Sexually



An increasing number of men are turning to pills, creams, pumps, and (sometimes) expensive surgeries in an attempt to increase their penis size. A lot of this penis anxiety is driven by the perception that women are supposedly clamoring for large penises, or that large penises bring women more pleasure. Only a 30% of women are satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts, though the majority of men are happy with their partners’ chest size.

People seem to be more concerned about their own bodies than is warranted. The large discrepancy between men’s and women’s satisfaction with own vs. partner chest/penis size indicates that, at least among heterosexuals, people are overestimating size importance is to their partner.

My infographic is aiming to help people realize that their partner is probably happier with their body than they are and that changing one’s body isn’t necessarily going to make one happier or change the quality of a relationship. Also that most people are very bad at judging what is average, and many other misconceptions on endowment.

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I’m a biracial artist from Taiwan who is mostly interested in conceptual designs and illustration. My heritage gives me a different point of view that influences me everyday. Marina Richmond presently resides in upstate NY as a student at PrattMWP. She is a Communications Design major with a concentration in Illustration. Design is only one of her many passions. She has a love for video games, movies, books and all things entertainment. Marina is currently working on combining these passions in hopes of making the world a more creative place while doing what she loves.