College = Bust

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Can you put a price tag on education? Colleges and universities can. The cost of getting a higher education in America has become a growing problem, putting many of the country’s young adults in debt before they even enter the work force. This problem affects more than just the students and their families; the pressure that college debt has put on the economy is in no way helping the current recession. For my project, I looked into the causes of growing college expenses, as well as the effects on the overall economy. The numbers are staggering. I hope my infographic can be a call to action to address this issue, before it is too late. There is no longer an option; College = Bust.


Sarah Sullivan is studying illustration at PrattMWP, with a minor in writing. As a Chinese adoptee, she has a unique perspective on different societies and different cultures, which influences both her life and her design. With a background in drawing and photography, Sarah enjoys blending mediums to create her work. A goal of hers is to one day work for an organization which inspires and helps children in need. She plans on continuing her education at Pratt’s main campus in Brooklyn.