Beauty Obsession



The whole world’s obsession with beauty has taken its toll on various individuals and in many different forms, but probably one of the most permanent and drastic examples of our beauty obsessed society is plastic surgery addiction. With the current larger-than-life-booty and boob craze that has taken over the American standard of beauty, we have seen a plastic surgery numbers go through the roof. While most plastic surgeries are for the most part subtle and natural looking enough.

Yao_HeadshotYao Yao was born in 1995 in China, Kunming andShe came to the United States at the age of 13 to continue her studies. Currently she is a sophomore Communication Design student at PrattMWP majoring in illustration.

“I like picturing the world in a special way under my paintbrushes. For art, it does not have to be conventional. Art is no only a way of communication, but also a bridge that connects different ideas and mind. As I grew older, I also dabbled in other various fields of art. I found that fashion design was a form of art which perfectly combines creativity and reality. Now I am striving for my undergraduate study in the field of fashion design, and continues to pursue my dream.”