Transgender Equality


JMellen_TruthTransgender rights are falling behind in regards to the LGBT and gay rights movement and are commonly overlooked when many claim that things are finally more equal across the board of sexual orientation. Gender identity and its acceptance into the community is a completely different issue that needs more attention. The problems affect society and myself on a personal note, so this is why I focused my infographic and TRUTH project on the subject. The TRUTH design displays the colors of the transgender and gender identity flags, indicating the main focus, while the red splatters over the letters symbolize the ongoing violence that occurs within and to the transgender community nationwide.

JMellen_ProcessBookHeadshotWebBorn and raised in small town Hopkinton, NH, Jess Mellen presently resides in upstate NY as a student at PrattMWP. She is a Communications Design major with a concentration in Illustration. While art is both a passion and hobby, she also holds interest in writing, film, and archery. In the future, she hopes to employ her illustration and conceptual skills to create and design environments and characters for the film and entertainment industry. Her plans are to continue her Communications Design degree at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, as well as pursue a Cinema Studies minor.