The {meetinghouse}creative collaborative presents COMD 2016 as an experimental collection of art and design to share. It challenges students in PrattMWP’s Communications Design program to build a body of work and exercise their creative muscles by creating visual interpretations posted online in a searchable format for all to view and comment on.
It features weekly visual exercises and hosts {project} TRUTH—an educational art movement aimed to create positive change.

The weekly word

The criteria for weekly word selection might be seasonal, tie in with world events, or perhaps be random. There are absolutely no limitations as to what can be done, the idea is that students define their own challenge and set their own expectations. COMD 2016 are rarely censored and only if we deem them offensive or hurtful, or there is copyright infringement, but for the most part we post everything.

The method and medium is open. Text may be incorporated or not. Students may draw it, paint it, sculpt it, photograph it, digitally re-master it – anything…. but hopefully have fun, experiment and try new things.

The objective is to create a searchable database of useful visual representations that may be shared through the creative commons license while exposing students to a networking system that promotes their art, design, and future careers.

So please feel free to utilize these graphic images to compliment your own blog entry. * BUT… be sure to credit our artist and point a link back to COMD 2016.  Feedback is also appreciated.

*for non profit only, if you would like to purchase the rights for a commercial project we would be happy to accommodate or create custom graphics for a fee. contact:  info@meetinghouse.co for more information.


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